How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World

Jeane Manning & Joel Garbon

Why Breakthrough Power?

Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World is the result of the authors' individual travels through a fascinating international scene that some people call the free energy underground, or non-conventional energy research. The authors also follow the progress of known energy alternatives toward quantum-leaps in the direction of energy independence and energy abundance, instead of small-step improvements to old technologies.

And why now? The publication of Jeane's 1996 book The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy had opened doors for further travel invitations to conferences in Europe and to meet with leading new-energy researchers in North America. As a result she eventually saw the need for a new book for a new era. The 21st century is ushering in a time of increasing public awareness that energy is everyones business, not just a concern of the hardhats-and-pylons crew. Choices of energy technologies affect everyone in the human family.

In 2007 after watching one of his public speeches and remembering the synergy and shared philosophy when they worked on New Energy Movement projects together, she asked Joel Garbon to join the Breakthrough Power book project. He brings a scientist's perspective, and shares the intention to convey important messages to an even broader public than had The Coming Energy Revolution.

About the authors

photo of Jeane Manning

and grandchild

Jeane Manning is a long-time researcher of quantum-leap energy systems that could replace oil, and their implications for humankind. She authored The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1996, now out of print); Energie (Omega Verlag, Gemany, 2000); and coauthored other nonfiction books including Angels Don't Play This HAARP, co-authored with Dr. Nick Begich. These books are published in six languages and she has been an invited speaker at several energy conferences in Europe.

Jeane began to chronicle the new energy scene in the 1980s. During the years while she was staff writer for a regional lifestyle magazine, edited a small town newspaper and held other employment, she used her vacation time to interview scientists in North America and Europe. She has served on boards of directors for a new energy institute that was based in Utah, the Institute for New Energy; ocean energy company Blue Energy Canada; geothermal company Essential Innovations; and the New Energy Movement based in Portland, Oregon.

In January of 2007 a group of men and women gathered at Jeane's apartment in Vancouver, Canada, to form New Energy Movement Canada. These grassroots efforts are intended to help bring about a world of clean air, vitalized waters and healthy soils. Jeane's three grown children and their young families inspire her efforts.

Joel Garbon received a B.S in Applied Science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He has over two decades of experience in product development and as a technical consultant to the paper, chemical, building products, and water treatment industries. He has consulted with dozens of large and small companies in North and South America and is a highly regarded speaker and educator within these industries, regularly instructing classes of engineers. He developed several commercially successful chemical formulations for use in paper and building products applications and is co-inventor of a water treatment filtration technology.

Joel currently serves as President of The New Energy Movement ( and is a founding member of New Energy Congress (, which maintains a continuously updated and publicly viewable database of the "Top 100" most promising breakthrough energy technologies. Joel has relationships with many organizations which promote responsible stewardship of earth's resources and which support progressive sustainable technologies for advancement of human civilization. He has been a featured speaker on numerous television and radio programs and at conferences and civic gatherings, making the appeal for a concurrent evolution in human consciousness and energy technology to address our pressing global challenges.

He is the author of an historic legislative draft titled "Energy Innovation Act of 2007" which is intended for introduction as a Congressional bill and to serve as template for new energy legislation on the state, local, and international levels. The legislation's provisions call for urgent and serious federal support for research and development of breakthrough energy technologies.

"A great way to catch up on what is do-able

Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon have produced a book that is worthy of anyone implicated in this crime - the crime of complicity - of using obsolete, filthy energy technology to power our world.

We are all part of the problem, and this book shows what viable solutions exist, and how we can all advocate them in our own circumstances.

The information is fresh and mostly non-technical. It is "Everything you always wanted to know about how to live on Planet Earth without destroying it, but didn't know who to ask."

James A. Robey

November 19, 2008

"This is a superb piece of work and a much needed catalyst for change - a must read."

Chris Gupta

Dec. 14, 2010

"The book is a fantastic read. Even after 30 years of energy research, as I read this book I am constantly find things I am unaware of that keeps me inspired to turn one page after another. This book approaches complex technologies from a different stance.

This is a rare book that offers the layman an opportunity to understand and embrace cutting edge energy innovations. The authors spare the technical jargon to allow the reader to gain a glimpse of the inventors often shattered lives and their tenacious struggles to develop their incredible inventions. It also adequately exposes the deliberate suppression that assures these phenomenal devices are kept off the market and from improving our world.

If change is truly desired by all, this book expresses how the release of an advanced energy technology offers the largest potential to free mankind and enrich the quality of the lives of everyone on the planet. It's an idea whose time has come.

The release of an advanced form of energy on the planet is like removing the cork from a bottle of the world's best wine. The struggle is well worth the effort for at that precious moment our bodies are freed from all toil and tyranny as we taste something far more grand than words can describe...for we have just entered the Age of Splendor.


Terry Sisson

New Energy Researcher

The Authors