Are Old Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Owning a helmet may seem like a luxury or conforming to a type of fashion, but it is not. Motorcycles are prone to horrible accidents, and their design exposes the rider and passengers to danger during such instances. It is important to wear quality, uncompromised helmets so that you can enhance your safety and the safety of the passengers who you carry on the motorcycle.

The importance of motorcycle helmets has been underscored to the extent that it is usual to find motorcycle owners buying old or used helmets for their motorcycles.

This act of carelessness is very dangerous because it puts the life of the rider and passengers at great risk. Used helmets are prone to damages and wear which may compromise the safety levels of this helmet. In this article, we are going to examine the safety of old motorcycle helmets.To shade more light on the safety of old helmets, it is essential to understand the inadequacies of an old helmet.

Disadvantages of Old Motorcycle Helmet

· Age

Helmets have a use-by date which when passed, a helmet is considered unsafe for use. The use-by date is five years from the first day of use of the helmet.


When this period ends, the helmet should be disposed of because the materials used to design it have worn out. The wearing out of materials affects the integrity of the helmet and can cause injuries in case of an accident.

· Damaged Helmet Shell

It is difficult to know whether or not a helmet has been involved in an accident and its inner shell has been compromised. Damage on the inner shell is best seen by a trained eye and is not easily detectable by an untrained eye. The best designs of motorcycle helmets are always fitted with two shells, i.e., the inner and outer shell.

The shells are fitted in the helmet to offer a reinforced cover for the head in case of an accident. Therefore, both shells should be intact to provide adequate safety to the rider.

· Worn Out Interior

Helmets are designed with an elastic interior lining that provides the rider with extra security, but it also offers comfort. The more the helmet is worn, it starts to mimic the head of the rider perfectly so that it can offer enhanced safety during an accident.


However, old helmets are always characterized by worn-out interiors whose linings have been depleted and have been shaped by someone else’s head. This makes it difficult for a new head to fit in the helmet well.

· Dilapidated Materials

Time and other factors such as weather, use of a helmet affect the materials that were used to make a helmet. The interference with the materials causes them to wear off and compromises the integrity of the helmet which exposes a rider to more danger if an accident were to take place. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a helmet is replaced after its use-by date has passed because the materials have been worn out and are no help should an accident occur.


A helmet is not a display object bought alongside a motorcycle. However, it is an integral part of a motorcycle. The safety offered to a rider, and their passengers are very important. Therefore, as a motorcycle owner, it is essential to invest in a quality helmet.

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