Best Commercial Recycling Companies In Arizona

Whether you like it or not, Arizona is a growing suburb that has a lot to offer from great hotels to new businesses. If you’re a business-minded individual looking forward outstanding value for all you recycling needs, Arizona is the right place for you.

It goes without saying that determining the best programs can be overwhelming but because we care so much about you, here is a list of the best companies in Arizona to consider for your reprocessing needs.

1. Generated Materials Recovery

Generated Materials Recovery has been in operating as a creative problem solver for industrial and manufacturing operations for nearly two decades now. The company applies a five-step process to provide reliable solutions as well as achieve sustainable goals.


The company gives you a detailed plan for all your wastes needs in a timely and quick manner and over the years, they have realized that wastes and recycling may not be part of your occupation and they will, therefore, utilize as little resources as possible. They will help you minimize expenses and generate more income for your organization’s success.

2. Northwest Polymers

This company is committed to providing an ideal solution for plastic waste that is reliable, friendly to environment, convenient and effective.

Basically, the company offers a green solution to all your needs related to plastic disposal. They recycle unwanted plastic to high-grade resins which can successfully be used when producing second generation products.

3. Consolidated Resources

Consolidated Resources has served the manufacturing community in Arizona for about thirty years. They have built a reputation for themselves and you have all the reasons to trust them.

Recycling truck

The company understands that different customers have different need and will go above and beyond to take your individual needs and tailor your recycling program to ensure they match with specific needs of your business. Consolidated Resources Commercial Recycling provides highly dependable, adaptable, experienced, and environmentally sound wood waste services.

4. Recycle 1

Recycle 1 is committed to converting wastes into useful products and whether you’d want to recycle plastic, paper, by-products or non-standard materials, this company is the ideal choice for you.

Once you decide to work with Recycle 1, they will review the overall stream of waste in what they call waste audit to identify the materials that might be likely to be recycled. From there, they will give you helpful information to design a program to recycle to meet the needs of your company.

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