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5 Family Bonding Activities

After a busy working week, there is nothing better than bonding with your family members on the weekend. Doing several fun activities with them will help you bond with one another hence results in a healthier relationship.


Cook a meal together with your family, let each member have a role to play in the cooking. This will enable you to have a good time together and learn more here about each other.

Outdoor activities


Find a good trail, mountain or a lake within your area and go for some outdoor activities with your family. These actives might involve hiking and camping together. This is very important because you will have the time to play and laugh together as a family.

Playing video games

You can choose to play video games at night together, and this can be played by forming two teams then you can compete against each other. This can make your night a night to be remembered.


You can mobilize your family members to volunteer to do some charity work. You can go to a children’s home and clean their clothes and cook for the kids. This is a very kind thing to do, and nothing can make you happier than doing it together with your family members.

Local events

Find local events that are happening within your area, attend these events with your family members. This will bring you close to each other.


Having a positive relationship with your family members is very important. While some people might prefer to go out with their friends or go out clubbing during the weekends, it is advisable that people spend time with their family members on weekends or holidays. These activities are just but a few, there are several of them available, and it only depends on you. Choose activities that you think you and your family members will feel comfortable doing.

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture?

With Time, good or bad weather could do severe harm to your outdoor furniture. Just a small breeze, a great deal of precipitation and also many direct beams can turn your costly patio into a ramshackle pile-o-rust. Protect your outdoor living area and protect it against rust, and dirt using these basic actions.

1. Keep it clean

Even when your furniture has been coated, it is still likely to decide on a sunny afternoon, and have some opportunity to wash your furniture with gentle dish soap and warm water. Use a sponge to split up dirt along with a hose to wash any soap residue.


Notice: If you’ve wrought iron furniture, then your collection will require special services to stop rust. Doing this on your modern balcony furniture will ensure it longer life spun.

2. Protect fabric

Cushions are valuable for embarrassing wicker or wrought Iron seats, but they are sensitive and readily destroyed by precipitation. To shield your cloth (cushions or upholstery), first give it a fantastic wash with gentle dish soap and warm water.

When the cloth is totally dry, then spray it with fabric shield. Suggestion: Spray a little part of cloth at first to be certain that the protector will not irritate the furniture.

3. Hold it in position

A Small breeze may be enough to loosen cushions along with a hefty Wind could send them flying round the yard. Maintain all of the patio bits in position with Velcro! Fasten half the strip on the seat and another half on the base of the seat cushion. To ensure your Velcro halves lineup, maintain they secured together once you join the Velcro into the pillow. After that, peel the paper off cover so that the Velcro intended for the seat is tacky, and place down your pillow.

4. Utilize furniture sunscreen.

Among the patio furniture biggest enemies would be a sexy, Sunny moment. If your furniture is either plastic or metal, use an even coating of outside furniture shield (a paint brush will make this task easier).


If a furniture is wood, then routine paint will be the very best approach to safeguard it from sunlight. The pigments in paint function just like carpeting, also protect the timber from damage.

5. Plan ahead

It is not always feasible to forecast the weather. However If you No intense weather is going to strike your place (such as a heat wave), go right ahead and cover your furniture up or transfer into a storage shed.

Furniture covers will not do much against end, but they’ll protect against harmful UV rays and torrential rain.

6. Cover your furniture

The Simplest way to look after your outside furniture would be always to pay them so they are shielded them in the wind, rain and sunlight. You will find covers specifically made for backyard, patio heaters and heaters. If you do not have these, covering your outside furniture using a tarpaulin may even shield them from the components.

7. Protect your cushions and pillow

Chairs and outdoor furniture would be to maintain them undercover once the winter season and rain occurs. This can be as straightforward as keeping them within Your House or in a drop or placing the cushions or pillows onto a seat and pushing the seat beneath the dining table.


7 Natural And Organic Sunscreens

Natural sunscreens are good for people who want to avoid chemicals or have sensitive skin and are mostly used when the weather starts to warm up. There are various steps to choosing the best natural sunscreen.

One has to scan the label to ensure that the ingredients used in making the sunscreen are those with the ability to shield the skin from the ultraviolet damage. Another thing is the moisturizers in sunscreen oil.

Read here to get more info about Natural and Organic Sunscreens

1. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

This is one of the top 2019 sunscreens. Its formula hits the natural option mark. A dermatologist from the American Academy of Dermatology testifies that his patients who are with most sensitive skins tolerate this oil.


The bottle is the amazing aspect of this oil because in a lot of light it turns to be blue acting as a reminder for the users that there is Ultraviolet exposure and therefore need to apply it. There are no chemicals, fragrances or parabens found in the sunscreen.

2. Aveeno Natural Protection Oil-Free sunscreen lotion

The sunscreen formula protects the skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays. The components included in the sunscreen include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It also has oat kernel extract, squalane, and glycerin which when mixed form a compound that prevents water loss hence soothing and moisturizing the skin.

The oil has also won a national award in Eczema association as evidence that it is appropriate for use by individuals’ with sensitive skin. The sunscreen does not have oils and fragrance. Most importantly, it is water resistant for about 80 minutes.

3. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc

It is made of Sheer zinc formula that makes it appropriate to use by all types of skin. It is water resistant, does not contain oil and fragrance, and it is noncomedogenic. It won an award from the National Eczema association which acted as an approval seal. Above all, it offers UVB and UVA that protect against skin cancer, sunburns and early sign of aging.

4. Coola Baby Mineral

Both the little ones and adults can use this sunscreen. It has a gentle but dependable touch and is a safe bet for the skin. It is made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide formula that has made it not only sun protective but makes the skin feel soft. It also has ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea butter and coconut oil which are responsible for softening the skin. It is water resistant for 80 minutes. It is mostly used during outdoor workouts or beach days.

5. Drunk elephant Umbra

Sun Cream in the Sand with Sunglasses on a Beach

The sunscreen is made with a formula that packs anti-aging algae extract, moisturizing oil from jojoba, Aloe Vera extract for soothing, and sun protective ingredients. It is highly concentrated with zinc oxide but does not leave the face white or chalky. It also has ingredients that help in promoting skin cell function.

6. Supergoop

It is an easy to use stick sunscreen that fits in the beach or gym bag. It is made with zinc oxide formula, nourishing cocoa combo, jojoba, Shea butter, avocado, and the chia seed oils. It is water resistant, and the stick can be used all over the body, but it works perfectly in the face, lips, and ears.

7. Thinksport

The sunscreen is made of aloe leaf juice, hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated, and jojoba oil for softening the effect. It also has vitamin C that prevents premature aging and protects the skin from sun damages. It is water resistant.


Are Old Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

Owning a helmet may seem like a luxury or conforming to a type of fashion, but it is not. Motorcycles are prone to horrible accidents, and their design exposes the rider and passengers to danger during such instances. It is important to wear quality, uncompromised helmets so that you can enhance your safety and the safety of the passengers who you carry on the motorcycle.

The importance of motorcycle helmets has been underscored to the extent that it is usual to find motorcycle owners buying old or used helmets for their motorcycles.

This act of carelessness is very dangerous because it puts the life of the rider and passengers at great risk. Used helmets are prone to damages and wear which may compromise the safety levels of this helmet. In this article, we are going to examine the safety of old motorcycle helmets.To shade more light on the safety of old helmets, it is essential to understand the inadequacies of an old helmet.

Disadvantages of Old Motorcycle Helmet

· Age

Helmets have a use-by date which when passed, a helmet is considered unsafe for use. The use-by date is five years from the first day of use of the helmet.


When this period ends, the helmet should be disposed of because the materials used to design it have worn out. The wearing out of materials affects the integrity of the helmet and can cause injuries in case of an accident.

· Damaged Helmet Shell

It is difficult to know whether or not a helmet has been involved in an accident and its inner shell has been compromised. Damage on the inner shell is best seen by a trained eye and is not easily detectable by an untrained eye. The best designs of motorcycle helmets are always fitted with two shells, i.e., the inner and outer shell.

The shells are fitted in the helmet to offer a reinforced cover for the head in case of an accident. Therefore, both shells should be intact to provide adequate safety to the rider.

· Worn Out Interior

Helmets are designed with an elastic interior lining that provides the rider with extra security, but it also offers comfort. The more the helmet is worn, it starts to mimic the head of the rider perfectly so that it can offer enhanced safety during an accident.


However, old helmets are always characterized by worn-out interiors whose linings have been depleted and have been shaped by someone else’s head. This makes it difficult for a new head to fit in the helmet well.

· Dilapidated Materials

Time and other factors such as weather, use of a helmet affect the materials that were used to make a helmet. The interference with the materials causes them to wear off and compromises the integrity of the helmet which exposes a rider to more danger if an accident were to take place. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a helmet is replaced after its use-by date has passed because the materials have been worn out and are no help should an accident occur.


A helmet is not a display object bought alongside a motorcycle. However, it is an integral part of a motorcycle. The safety offered to a rider, and their passengers are very important. Therefore, as a motorcycle owner, it is essential to invest in a quality helmet.


Jewelry Trends That Are In And Out For 2019

Jewelry is the most adorable gifts for any woman. The shimmering and twinkling effects that come out of an ornament please a woman of any age group. The collection can stretch from cultural polki or antique pieces or the most stylish and up-to-date ones like any fashion trend jewelry come and go based on time season and occasions.

People tend to adopt new jewelry fashion and trends the statement fashion is dominated for over a year while the understated pieces are fashion and the next; some of these trends are called the chandelier earrings, the jewelry gives that right look and ability for pulling the fashion together.

This year has started with a bang with some of the latest trends influencing on what people wear and how they wear it. Here are some of the best Trends in 2019.

Style with a sentiment.


This one of the trend going around which is for children who are made of brands like the baby Hitachi, Astana and la marquise creating lines for little kids. According to one of the best jewelry shops, they confessed that this year many of their customers are looking for the men’s jewelry like the bracelets, buttons and the cufflinks.

Baby Fitaihi

These are viewed as traditional gifts for a newborn kid in many of the cultures which were given for decoration purposes, and some had a belief that they were capable of protecting the kid from the evil spirits.

This trend has re-emerged and spurred which has made many jewelry collections to launch big brands like the Istana ’s baby collection.

The perfect engagement ring

This is another trend with an oval, and pear-shaped rings have been popular, and it is anticipated they will be more popular this year especially ones made of cut cushion diamonds. There is a high rise of the yellow diamond whereby many people are moving away from white gold and platinum which have been existence and dominant in the market for the past years.

Bold gold chains


This is one of the trends that must appear in the list since the chain and links a nod can be traced back in the early, but this year the fashion has advanced from the previous look with an oversized links bracelets and necklaces are perfect accessories for a fashionable and a complete outfit.


This is another excellent jewelry for 2019 that makes you look classic for a date and matches with most outfits, and its essays to pull together.

Mismatched earrings.

People may view this fashion as odd, but many celebs prefer wearing two mismatching earrings than wearing two giant matching earnings making you look decent and modern. This is one of the trends that is predicted to be all over during the springs.


Once you have figured out the outfits that you are going to wear for the various functions at your wedding, your next step should be figuring out your jewelry. Before you set out to buy anything though, you should spend some time doing a bit of groundwork.

Check out the season’s latest trends and designs, look for jewelry ideas to complement your clothes and compare prices. This way you will get a rough idea of what you are tending towards and how much you can expect it to cost


Why You Should Work Out Every Day

You might have probably heard how it is good to take exercise. However, do you know to what extent an exercise can be of help to your body? Choosing the right task can build up your body energy level and motivate you at all times.

Work is a form of exercise naturally. Some of the benefits of exercise that you get after work probably get you off many lifestyle diseases. Exercise is a route to improve your fitness and live a healthy life. In this article, we are going to see some of the benefits you can get for your body when you work and exercise. Some person may ask is working a way to exercise? Let see

1. Working control body weight

Working involves the use of body energy. This energy comes from fat stored in the body. Body muscles require power to sustain the body while at work. Fats in body burns to give this energy.


As a result, excess fat, which acts as a source of extra body weight reduce hence body weight loss. Also working burns calories stored in the body cells resulting in weight loss.

2. Working and exercise helps improve body health

If you suffer from cases of heart diseases, then exercise and work should be your daily routine. Also, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you also need to do more exercises.

High body cholesterol places you at the risk of suffering from this kind of diseases. It is therefore only through vigorous work with exercise that you can avoid these risks.

3. Working show that you care for your family and friend

Once you exercise, you enhance your body energy making you more fit. It makes you appreciate your body and grow your self-esteem. When you have proper self-esteem, you will be able to take good care of your family. You will understand them since you feel appreciated in return.

4. Working makes your life a happy

In every moment you take exercise, your body feels relaxed. A study that has been in place indicates that they are a relationship between exercise and body hormone. Particular research conducted on athletes on world marathon stated the level of stimulation in exercise is almost similar to that of cocaine in the body. Cocaine causes happiness on users.

5. Exercise builds up memory

When you work out, you increase the metabolic activist of the brain cell. Increased metabolic energy in the brain means a boost in the multiplication of the brain cells.



This fact makes your mind stay refresh always and ready to grasp any concept of learning. It is the reason as to why schools encourage scholar to take up a commercial break and exercise their body and mind.

6. Working boost your sleep

If you have problems falling asleep perhaps, you need to take up an exercise or improve how frequent you exercise. This fact is helpful especially on people who suffer from insomnia related disorder.

When you work, the muscles stretch and hence require time to recover. As your body recovers, it usually leads you to a deep sleep.

7. Working out build your sex life

Exercising make you more fit. It builds up more body energy making you feel attractive to yourself and the members of your opposite sex. Also, frequent exercise builds up body testosterone that is a sex hormone in males. This hormone increases your body energy level, raises your mood hence a perfect sex drive. So be sure to work today so that you can improve your sex drive.


Work and exercise is a better way to improve your body health, make you happy always, and have life fun. For adults, you should take not less than 100 aerobic activities in a week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise that will activate your body.

To achieve better exercise, you can visit gym centers, go for swimming, ride bikes, participate in running, or take a walk on over hilly places. When you do that, you probably get the above benefit for your body.


What Is Pantone Color Of The Year 2019?

For over 20 years now, the Pantone’s color of the year has influenced purchasing decisions, product development in multiple industries including home furnishing, fashion, industrial design, as well as packaging, graphic design, and product.

Nonetheless, the process of selecting the color of the year requires a trend analysis and a well-thought-out process.

In order to arrive at a selection each year, Pantone’s color specialists at the Pantone Color Institute examine the world looking for new color influences. The color selection process may span from the entertainment industry, sports, film and production, traveling, art and all areas of design.

The Pantone Color Matching System

Are you ready to see the “Living coral” in your tech gadgets, clothing, home decor and more in 2019? Recently, the Pantone Color Institute announced its 2019 color of the year, the Living Coral 16-1546. Since the early 2000s, the institute has been on the helm of choosing a color of the year. But what does this mean to you? Typically, this color will be utilized by most brands, designers and other firms in their latest batch of products.


Moreover, in 2019, the winner was chosen for its affirming and animating hue, which energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Besides, it is no coincidence that the color evokes the fragility and beauty of marine life and oceans. More succinctly, it is worthy to remember that the coral bright color is only worthwhile if it is surrounded by a healthy environment.

The Color of the Year

In addition, pantone’s living coral colour 16-1546 emits the desired, energizing, yet familiar aspect of color found in nature. In its glamorous, yet unfortunately more elusive display beneath the sea. This effervescent and mesmerizing color is vivifying to the eye and is at the center of an evocative reef.

Benefits of Pantone Color.

The Pantone colors are essential in the graphic industry. They help in creating unique designs with specific arrangements and details.

Besides, it enables the designer to pick the best and suitable shades from the swatch booklet or the PMS color chart. Furthermore, they are a great way to find the exact hue desired for developing corporate brands.

Additionally, most designers may see a color on the screen when printing differently, nonetheless, when a proof of concept is printed, the color may not be the exact match. This is why selecting a specific Pantone color with a customized code allow the designers, clients, and printers to have confidence that the color chosen will be exactly the way it appears on the swatch booklet.

How does the Pantone color of the year Influence marketing trends?

Each year, the PCI studies colors and trends throughout the year in order to decide on the next color and theme. They take into account all aspects of society.


Besides, Pantone color offers color lover s an array of inspirational color combination palettes designed with the corresponding color in mind. Thousands of brands take on the task to design products with the Color of the Year. It, therefore, reinforces the importance of Pantone color in influencing trends in the market.

Summing Up

The Pantone color is vital to all industry players ranging from fashion designers, to tech gurus. In fact, the color has an influence on the marketing trends. Nonetheless, the choice of 2019 Pantone color is quite effervescent and mesmerizing.

Woman's hand with copier

How to Print Your Own Checks from Home?

Modernity which has been characterized by advancement in technology has necessitated the need for life on the go. Businesses and individuals now require to transact deals in bulk wherever they are without having to go to a bank to access cash to strike deals or purchase products.

Then which best way to this than having your personalized checkbook. The checkbook is secure and efficient in moving your money.

It may sound easy, but on the contrary, this process is technical and requires sophisticated equipment to pull out successfully. This piece will provide you with the components you need to print your cheques from the pleasure of your home or office.


DIY check printing mainly uses Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) to print checks. This technology incorporates the use of secure blank check stocks, MICR toner, cheque printing software with MICR fonts, laser printer, and a computer. It is essential to understand how these components work together to help print your checks from anywhere you are.

1. Blank check stock. Having a constant supply of pre-printed check books is very important for people who require to do several transactions very fast. A sufficient blank check stock ensures that you do not experience the downtime you would experience with replacing regular cheques. When you print your own checks, it ensures only your customized security features are the only elements that get to appear on your checks.

The security features make it difficult to duplicate your checks; hence it improves the integrity of your transactions. The security features are in terms of customized logos, fonts, and watermarks.

2. MICR. MICR uses a special ink that is responsive to magnetic fields to print unique feature to your check so that it can enhance the legitimacy of your check. It requires technical equipment to apply appropriately. The key here is to ensure you procure the right tools and recommended ink. Merchants use this technology to regulate their exposure to check frauds by attaching watermarks to checks.


3. Computer. An ordinary computer can do for this purpose. A standard computer can print MICR check fonts. You only require customized printing equipment. Furthermore, you can use the computer to back up information about your entire business and the check stock inventory.

4. Laser printers. You can print checks in almost any printer. However, it is paramount to do research and find the best printer at the best price. The printer should be able to print using MICR fonts. This means that the laser printer should be able to work with MICR toner cartridges. Majority of Lexmark and HP single-chrome have MICR technology for check printing.

The MICR toner is the most crucial component in printing your check. It sets your check apart from others, and it helps make your transactions fast and secure.


Printing your own checks can be very expensive when you take into consideration the tools you require to print your personal checks successfully. However, printing your own check ensures you protect yourself against fraud and the overall cost you stand to incur from risks of fraudulent transactions. Therefore, it is wise to start printing your own checks to be on the safe side.


Are Impact Windows a Good Investment

Home improvement projects only become a reality for many people once they own a home. Most people might find themselves in a situation where they only desire to make home improvements based on their style while other people remodel their homes because of the increase in the value of a property. Home improvements involve several do it yourself activities, from repainting, roof, door, and window replacement.

Even though a large percentage of homeowners investing a huge amount of money in their home improvements projects, the only concern is value. Why not invest in impact windows and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

Homeowners can get value by investing in impact windows; you can get impact windows for sale at any window store that is in your area of residence. After installation, you will be sure that your home will be protected from the thunderstorms as well as the debris that comes during the hurricanes; it also provides some essential benefits during the summer.


Impact windows are made from materials that have low thermal emissivity as well as the smart weather stripping which has made it able to save money as well as creating powerful energy. Despite the fact that installing it would need you to spend a whole lot of money, you should not shy away from installing it, this is because of the comfort that it will provide you with during the extreme temperatures of the summer and winter, hence you will not need to use an air conditioner which only does much harm to you by consuming much of your electricity.

Noise reduction

You will also be able to do away with noise that is produced by an air conditioning when it’s being used, by doing this, you would have gotten rid of the noise that is also coming from outside your home, therefore making the environment of your home a quiet and comfortable place for one to relax and enjoy.


By installing impact windows, you protect your home from burglars; hence burglars will not be in a position to break through your window and get in while still maintaining the appearance of a house that is free of the metal security screening or the bars.


You should also note that insurers tend to look at homes with impact windows and grant the owners lower rates because their properties are always protected.

Impact windows are very much effective especially when it comes to modifying the appearance of a home, and this is because of the combination of different materials, designs as well as colors, hence suite every home style.

Value yields peace of mind, a good investment for your home improvement will make sense to you as time goes by, this basically means that it is a sound decision that is made basing on quality. To install the impact windows, you can go for a trusted and experienced professional or do it yourself if you have the necessary skills needed for that installation.


Should You Lease or Buy Commercial Space?

The choice between leasing and buying commercial space is dependent on a number of factors. The most important aspect to put in mind is your type of business. Is it a new business or are you expanding an already existent one? There is also the aspect of cost, business finances, tax implications, as well as property value. Every potential and current business owner needs to understand what he or she benefits from each option before settling for one.

Leasing Commercial Space

A commercial lease will run over a given period, normally 3 to 10 years after which you may choose to renew your agreement or take an alternative. During this duration, you will be a tenant.

Pros of leasing

Low initial financial commitment

You do not need to make a down payment but a deposit initially. This means that you do not need a hefty capital to secure office space.



Lease payments are tax deductible leaving you with more cash to finance the business operations.

Shared responsibilities

The responsibilities of maintaining the property are shared between the property owner and yourself. Depending on the agreement, the landlord may address concerns such as repair. You may also end up sharing some cost utilities such as waste management or housekeeping. You, therefore, have more time to focus on your business.


Leasing office space allows for flexibility as you can easily switch location once you outgrow it. Depending on your financials, it is cost-friendly to lease a piece of property as compared to buying it.

Cons of leasing

Lack of control

Leases come with some restrictions and in an effort to control what the tenant can do they also have termination clauses.

It does not mean that your rent will not change if you choose to renew your lease contract. Normally, renewal comes with an increase in payment.

Buying Commercial Space

Work Office

Buying office space means that you are your own landlord and while you are in business, the property is part of your long-term investment. LCI Realty can help you to identify ideal commercial space to suit your business preference.

Pros of Buying

You secure an appreciating asset

It gives you the ability to benefit from capital appreciation because the property will appreciate in value over time. Factors that will determine the rate of appreciation include inflation, interest rates, and supply and demand condition in the region.

A source of rental income

After purchasing property, many businesses may not occupy 100% of the property. This leaves them with the ability to rent out space thus giving an extra source of income.

100% control

When the property belongs to you, you are the final decision maker.

Fixed cost

Your payment stands as a fixed cost and it is not liable for change at any time.

Cons of Buying

Hefty initial financing

Even when seeking financing, you are required to make a hefty upfront expenditure. This can be very challenging if you are launching a new business because you are not sure of its returns.

More complicated to qualify for financing

Again, new businesses may find it difficult to secure financing, especially without a credit record.Now that you understand what you, stand to gain or lose for both leasing and buying commercial property, you can evaluate your business and settle for the most beneficial option. Check on your financing capabilities, flexibility, and long-term business goals and objectives.