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Different Types of Life Coaching Programs

Life coaching is a unique technique used by people for self-improvement, motivation and dealing with life problems. Besides, it offers new opportunities for people to learn skills and explore their abilities. Moreover, life coaches provide guidance on a number of issues that people may face.

These issue include relationship or career changes, improving health and wellness or stress. Life coaches may offer general services or specialize in specific areas like relationships, mental health, finances, and career or wellness and health. In this guide, we discuss different types of life coaching programs.

1. Relationship and family coaches

People who have relationship, dating or family issues may conduct a traditional therapist, who can assist them sort out their issues by deliberating their feelings and providing various advice without giving direct advice and opening other lines of communication. Additionally, they might also consult from family life or relationship coaches.

Life Coaching

Relationship and family life coaches offer direct advice and facilitate communication amongst the affected parties. Therefore, a life coach differs from the traditional therapist in that life and relationship coaches focus on the present not the past issues and guide their clients to take action and solve problems.

2. Health and wellness coach

Health and wellness coaches provide guidance and direction to people looking for help about losing weight, exercise, fitness, stress management and dieting issues. Additionally, the coaching my encompass health concerns.

Most wellness coaches are certified trainers. Health and wellness coaches may assist in addressing issues like compulsive dieting, overeating, poor nutritional habits and other health related concerns.

It is worthy to note that health life coach does not replace conventional medical advice or work for people who are unmotivated or sick.


The life coaching programs by marsha ferrick focuses on pathology and emotional distress. Besides, she is a licensed psychologist who has assisted many people recover from their traumas. Additionally, she is passionate about assisting people in recapturing their passion and confidently move forward to live the life they desire.

3. Mental health coach

It is critical to note that mental health coaches do not address psychiatric problems such as severe anxiety and depression disorders. In fact, they might not be experienced or rained in life sciences.

However, they help people with issues such as grief, conflict or even anger management.

Also, they might offer guidance in areas of spirituality, confidence, balance, and sense of purpose. Besides, mental health life coaches teach specific skills like anger, stress, and communication skills management. They offer feedback and assist clients develop and achieve their goals.

4. Career and Financial coach

If you are having career problems or considering career changes, visiting a career life coach will be ideal. Career life coaches deal with issues like retirement and mid-life crisis. On the other hand, financial coaches help individuals in their financial struggles like money management, spending and budget issues.


Unlike therapist that might explore the undergoing psychological or mental health issues related to financial or career problems, life coaches focus on the real problem by offering guidance and providing tips and techniques to help people achieve their financial and career goals.

Summing up

Life coaching is a deep and transformative process that inspires people to live an awesome life that they desire. Besides, life coaching provide you with the necessary tools, encouragement and strategies to overcome all the limiting behaviors and embrace a new mindset to achieve your personal balance and empowerment.

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