Cleaning Tips for Spotless Windows

Cleaning Tips for Spotless Windows

Whether you’ve replaced your windows or you want to make them look new, cleaning windows is not always a walk in the park. The reason is that windows are delicate to clean and you must be careful not to break them and injure yourself.

Besides, you must be careful to ensure that no streaks left behind when cleaning because windows affect the interior and exterior of your home and you won’t like it when people talk about how untidy your windows are. In addition to adding elegance to your home, clean windows bring the desired interior design and here are tips you can apply to clean your windows excellently.

1. Avoid cleaning the window on a sunny day

If you’re looking forward to a spotless window, avoid cleaning on a sunny day. This is because the heat from the sun dries up the water even before you finish up cleaning, thereby leaving behind streaks.


That being the case, washing your window on a sunny day makes your window untidy and you’ll be forced to redo the cleaning. As a rule of thumb, clean your windows when the sun has moved away from your windows or on a cloudy day.

2. Use squeegee as the perfect tool for cleaning

Many people opt to use paper towels, cloths, or newspaper to clean their windows and that’s where they get it all wrong. Harness the power of squeegee which is a secret weapon and the ultimate tips for window cleaning to achieve perfect windows. Many people have used squeegee without complain and you too can use it for spotless windows because it doesn’t require you to re-wipe any area leaving your window clean. As a rule of thumb, adjust it at 45-degrees and clean the soapy window.

3. Know what to use

Instead of using only water for window cleaning, you can mix it with vinegar and dishwashing liquid and they will definitely provide a perfect shimmer to your windows.

But why the combination? Well, the vinegar being acidic works excellently in breaking the grime and dirt, the detergent provides the froth that lubricates your squeegee, and warm water ensures that the vinegar and detergent mix successfully.

4. Vacuum your windows first

What’s the first thing you do when cleaning your floors before mopping? Well, I’m sure that you vacuum it first. Similarly, it’s recommendable to vacuum your windows first before cleaning them. At times, dust and dirt make your windows even dirtier after coming into contact with water but when you vacuum, it becomes easier to get rid of them. After vacuuming, you can go ahead and clean with a combination of detergent, vacuum and warm water.


5. Clean from top to bottom

Almost everything on the phase of the earth has rules and window cleaning is no exception. If looking for a spotless window, don’t clean it blindly as it will cause more harm than good. The basic rule of cleaning is doing it from top to bottom. This ensures that the dust and dirt you are cleaning from the top area fall down and you will wash it off when doing the cleaning on the bottom area.

Final thoughts

Many people take window cleaning for granted; they say that it’s the easiest job but on the contrary, it could be the hardest. Windows define who you are and whether you dress to kill from Monday to Sunday but your windows are untidy and full of spots, you can’t get the respect you deserve. If you want people to comment how tidy you are, start by cleaning your windows properly. You don’t have to hire a professional to do the cleaning for you as you can follow the above tips and clean them by yourself like a pro.

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