4 Situations Where You Need Emergency HVAC Service

An air conditioning unit is an excellent asset as long as it is functioning well. Its primary role is to regulate the temperatures when it is too hot or too cold. Your responsibility is to ensure that you conduct regular maintenance so that it keeps on operating well. However, similar to other machines, an HVAC system is likely to break down at any moment. It is during such moments that you will require a trained technician to chip in and repair it. There are some cases will require emergency HVAC service. Below are four situations where you need emergency HVAC service.

1. You or Your Family Member’s Health is At Stake

The weather plays a big role in a person’s health. There are some of us who can’t withstand harsh weather. This includes infants, the elderly or those suffering from some health conditions such as asthma. Therefore, if your HVAC isn’t functioning as it should be, this could put your family members’ health at risk. If you notice that it is not turning on or you can’t set the right temperature, it’s best you contact an HVAC technician to help identify and fix the problem.

2. The Furnace isn’t Turning On

The furnace is an essential part of the HVAC system. If you notice that it is not turning on or rather it is taking longer to turn on than it is supposed to be. This could signify that there could be a bigger problem. There could be an issue with the wiring of the HVAC. In such a scenario, it’s best you get emergency AC Service by Chills Air Conditioning. Failure to do so could lead to further damages to the HVAC. Calling a technician immediately can help reduce the problem from becoming worse.

3. Strange Sounds in The Furnace

The furnaces of most HVAC systems always makes a certain sound. However, when the HVAC becomes faulty, you may notice some weird or unusual sounds. When you hear such, you should seek emergency HVAC services. These noises usually indicate a broken or loose belt. And, if it’s not dealt with immediately, the belt can cause severe damages to your HVAC. Emergency HVAC services do not only guarantee that your system will be up and running in a short while, but it also minimizes costs.

4. If You Smell a Gas Leak

A gas leak is no joke and should be dealt with immediately. At times, a residential gas leak may occur. If it does, you will smell an odor similar to that of either sulphur or rotten eggs. Once you notice a gas leak, you should shut off your main gas line immediately and call an HVAC technician as soon as possible. Always make a habit of checking the pilot light. If it’s blue, then it’s okay. But a yellow flame is a sign of carbon monoxide leak, and this should prompt you to seek emergency HVAC services.

Keep in mind that a faulty HVAC doesn’t only cause further damage but also affects your health. It is safer and cost effective if you seek emergency HVAC services when you notice that your AC isn’t working properly.

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