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How Can I Protect My House From Burglars?

Take precautions to avoid burglars

Protecting your home from burglars begins with taking some common sense precautions. For instance, whenever your house is empty make sure that all the windows and doors are closed and locked. Open windows and unlocked doors are going to tempt burglars into trying to gain entry to your home.

this website prompts you to think carefully about taking sensible steps to secure your property. Set the burglar alarm whenever you will be leaving the home empty. A fully working alarm system will convince burglars to look at targeting homes without alarms.


At night time make sure that there are outside sensor lights that switch on when people walk past. Burglars will be put off by lights that show them up at night.

Improve your locks

Some locks are easier to break or pick than others. A door with only a Yale lock is not going to keep a burglar out. It is better to have a multilever locking system, which is much harder to break open.

Burglars do not have the time to break a lock and look for easy points of entry. The longer it takes to open your door the more likely the chances of burglars been seen.

If the windows in your home do not have locks already, fit some as a matter of urgency. Once window locks are fitted always use them at night or when the property is empty. Locks slow burglars down, if they think locks are not going to open quickly they will seek out another property.

Extra steps to take if going away


If you are going away for a few days take extra security steps. The aim is to make burglars believe that you are home when the property the property is empty. For example, have lights come on in different rooms at differing times during the night by using timer switches. Make sure the lights come on at the time it will be starting to get dark, and to switch lights off after dawn.

Upgrade fences and gates

Aside from locks on doors and windows is there anything to stop burglars getting into your home?

If the answer is no you should consider if you need to have fences, gates and walls to slow down entry into your property.

Make it hard for burglars to climb over fences and walls by having spikes at the top or painting with anti climb paint. Again fencing and walls serve the purpose of slowing burglars down, and not being able to get away from your house in a hurry will deter them from entering in the first place.

Put CCTV in place

Burglars do not want to be filmed entering and leaving properties as the footage can be used against them in court. Some homeowners put up signs to say CCTV is in operation and put dummy cameras in place. That will deter most burglars, though having cameras filming will improve the chance of catching any burglars.

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