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How to Print Your Own Checks from Home?

Modernity which has been characterized by advancement in technology has necessitated the need for life on the go. Businesses and individuals now require to transact deals in bulk wherever they are without having to go to a bank to access cash to strike deals or purchase products.

Then which best way to this than having your personalized checkbook. The checkbook is secure and efficient in moving your money.

It may sound easy, but on the contrary, this process is technical and requires sophisticated equipment to pull out successfully. This piece will provide you with the components you need to print your cheques from the pleasure of your home or office.


DIY check printing mainly uses Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) to print checks. This technology incorporates the use of secure blank check stocks, MICR toner, cheque printing software with MICR fonts, laser printer, and a computer. It is essential to understand how these components work together to help print your checks from anywhere you are.

1. Blank check stock. Having a constant supply of pre-printed check books is very important for people who require to do several transactions very fast. A sufficient blank check stock ensures that you do not experience the downtime you would experience with replacing regular cheques. When you print your own checks, it ensures only your customized security features are the only elements that get to appear on your checks.

The security features make it difficult to duplicate your checks; hence it improves the integrity of your transactions. The security features are in terms of customized logos, fonts, and watermarks.

2. MICR. MICR uses a special ink that is responsive to magnetic fields to print unique feature to your check so that it can enhance the legitimacy of your check. It requires technical equipment to apply appropriately. The key here is to ensure you procure the right tools and recommended ink. Merchants use this technology to regulate their exposure to check frauds by attaching watermarks to checks.


3. Computer. An ordinary computer can do for this purpose. A standard computer can print MICR check fonts. You only require customized printing equipment. Furthermore, you can use the computer to back up information about your entire business and the check stock inventory.

4. Laser printers. You can print checks in almost any printer. However, it is paramount to do research and find the best printer at the best price. The printer should be able to print using MICR fonts. This means that the laser printer should be able to work with MICR toner cartridges. Majority of Lexmark and HP single-chrome have MICR technology for check printing.

The MICR toner is the most crucial component in printing your check. It sets your check apart from others, and it helps make your transactions fast and secure.


Printing your own checks can be very expensive when you take into consideration the tools you require to print your personal checks successfully. However, printing your own check ensures you protect yourself against fraud and the overall cost you stand to incur from risks of fraudulent transactions. Therefore, it is wise to start printing your own checks to be on the safe side.

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