Learn How to Submit Your Photos to Magazines and Get Published

The one thing that gives photographers, whether professional or not, joy is seeing their photos on, screens. But there is some pride and satisfaction that comes with seeing your pictures in print. It may not be a goal, but many desire that their works be published in magazines.

Even if they are just doing photography as a hobby, having them printed is a great way to validate someone’s effort. However, with so many photographers out there, the competition is stiff. Everyone is eyeing for the same spot.

So how do you beat the odds and ensure that you get your photographs published in a magazine? This guide is going to show you how.

Photographers are the ones who read photo magazines. Many of their readers, just like you can shoot a decent photograph. So you would want to stay on top of the game by ensuring that you present outstanding and creative photos. Here are some things to consider when submitting photos to a magazine and how to go about the submissions.

Photos to Magazines and Get Published

There are mainly two phases when it comes to doing that. The first phase is the preparation and submission stage and the second one involves choosing the right photographs and magazines. Let us take a look at each individually.

Phase 1. Preparation and Submission

It will be easy for you to make a mistake if you are not fully prepared. Submissions are no different than job interviews. They are a test of your potential, and therefore you should ensure that nothing goes wrong. Here are some tips for preparation and submission of your photos.

1. Have Enough Quality Content

Magazines are looking for the best photographers and as obvious as it may sound without having a portfolio of outstanding pictures you will fail and waste your time. Take and keep fantastic images in your portfolio to avoid disappointments.

2. Create a Submission Template

A submission template is one which contains important information about the photographer. It is used to ensure that the submission process is faster and also ensure that the particular magazines get the photographers info. Include your name and your business name, contact information that is, your number, email address and physical address, and your logo or slogan.

Also, remember that editors of magazines are looking for content worth their reader’s time. So make your template fantastic and unique. Make it stand out among the many submissions that editors will receive. Be creative and make yours noticeable.

Phase 2. Selecting the Right Photographs and Magazines

Once you have the portfolio and the template ready, it is time that you now decide on which photos you are going to submit and to which magazines. This is not just a decision that you make in a hurry.

You have to think through and through because if anything goes wrong, you are likely to fail. Here is some info that will help you make this big decision.

1. Choose Outstanding Photos for Right Magazine

There are different types of magazines that produce vast information to their readers. When selecting the right photos, consider the genre of the magazine, whether they have a specific theme for their submissions and what type of pictures do they publish most. Then you can look at your photos and decide which ones fit.

2. Don’t Send the Same Photos to Different Magazines at the Same Time

Submissions are not like CV’s where you just send the same copy to different companies. It is never advisable that you send the same picture to several magazines, because if they notice that, they will either assume you are lazy, or it could break the exclusivity agreement.

3. Check the Submissions Criteria

Companies use different formats so it will be best that you know which criteria they are using for their photos. For instance, it could be JPEG or PNG, they could have a specific resolution for photos, and specific theme and guidelines.


Getting your photos published in magazines does not just give you an incredible feeling of happiness and pride, but it is also a way of getting your name out there. If you shoot unique photos, make sure that you follow the above steps and get magazines publishing your content. This is one to sell yourself and get some gigs.

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