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Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

Residents of Miami in Florida can testify on the horrific damages that can be caused by a hurricane. The high winds and heavy rain of a storm are usually the number one culprits when it comes to property destruction. However, have you ever heard about impact windows and how they can benefit you during hurricanes?

Well, there is a large number of Floridians who aren’t aware of the advantages of installing impact windows. Have you always wondered, do hurricane impact windows work? This article will share with you all you need to know about impact windows.

How Hurricane Impact Windows Work

The damage caused by the hurricane relies on the law of physics. During a hurricane, the atmospheric pressure outside is usually higher than the one in your house. Therefore, if by chance a window breaks then there will be a massive rush of air.


Unlike standard windows, hurricane impact windows are designed to prevent this from happening. They embrace the features below which help keep your home safe during a storm.

1. Shatter Prevention Mechanism

Hurricane Impact windows have laminated glass. That is two pieces of glass held together by a special resin. By looking at a hurricane impact window, you may not see it for what it is.

But, this design makes it very hard to shatter. Be keen when looking for an impact window, since there are many brands in the market. The Ocean Impact Windows is a reliable company that can provide you with quality impact windows as well as doors. They also have a skilled team that can do the installation on your behalf.

2. A Sturdy Frame

Aside from the heavy-duty glass, impact windows also have a strong frame. The frame is built to ensure that irrespective of the atmospheric pressure difference, it won’t find its way into your home. Adding strips on the frame also ensures that there are no leaks.


We might not have control over the weather. But, an impact window can give you peace of mind during a hurricane. When the wind picks up speed, it usually sends up debris and branches flying all over the place. But with the right impact windows, you and your property will be safe.