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Creating a Healthy Home: Green Interior Ideas

The world is becoming more conscious of the environmental problems we face on a daily basis, so people want to bring changes to their lifestyles and incorporate biophilic design ideas into their homes. Incorporating nature elements into your living and working space will have a big impact on your health, mood and well-being. We spend most of our time in all kinds of closed spaces, so making large-scale changes such as this one is well worth the time and effort in exchange for a healthy home. If you’ve wondered how and where to start incorporating biophilic design, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start.

More nature in your home


You might not have noticed how big of an impact nature has on your mood and well-being. Exposure to nature reduces stress, anger and anxiety, and it helps you feel emotionally better and contributes to your physical well-being. Being surrounded by nature affects your nervous, endocrine and immune systems, so it has a positive effect on your blood pressure and heart rate among other things. This fun eco approach in interior design can be applied to almost anything and give you great results. Start by bringing in some plants and installing indoor green walls. They add to the visuals of the space, improve air quality and affect your energy levels.

Fresh air

Plants and green walls will surely improve the air quality of your home, but you can take this one step further. Windows are an important aspect of every house, as they allow you to let in some light and air, and they can help you conserve the energy you spend on heating. If you get your hands on windows built according to passive house standards, you will enjoy natural sunlight throughout the whole year, prevent heat transfer in and out of the building and save energy. Opening windows and letting in some fresh air also lets you interact with nature, as you can enjoy all the soothing sounds and sights that your outdoor area offers. You can also try using air purifiers, as they remove harmful particles from the air.



Maximizing the amount of natural sunlight your home gets in a day will increase your levels of alertness, improve your mood, reduce eyestrain and fatigue, and will help you save on your electricity bills, as it reduces your dependency on fossil fuels. Start with large windows, lighter colors (use paint without VOC) and some mirrors to let the light fill the whole space. You can invest in skylights or solar tubes to brighten up some corners that are hard to reach due to their position. Those corners can also be lit with artificial light that mimics the color and warmth of natural sunlight, but make sure to get energy-efficient light bulbs. Installing dimmers will help you create a nice atmosphere in the evening, which will help you fall asleep faster. If you work from home, daylight will enhance your productivity and keep your spirits high.

Pay attention to your furniture

Furniture plays a big role in making your living and working space healthy and comfortable. When buying new furniture, opt for pieces that are light and easy to move, as it will be easy to clean and you won’t have to struggle with dusty corners. Also, make sure to pick furniture made from non-toxic, organic, healthy materials. More and more people are opting for tubular-steel furniture, as it’s light in weight but also sturdy. Try to avoid placing carpets on your floors and instead, use rugs as they can be aired and shaken.

Biophilic design can be incorporated in all aspects of your home and every single room. The most important tips are to use organic materials, mind your energy consumption, incorporate greenery and pay attention to air quality and sunlight. This will help you save money and create a healthier space that will positively affect your mood and well-being.