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What The Development Of Visual Search Will Mean For Seo

As of now, searching on the web has grown extensively, and you can’t compare it with how it was a few years ago. Features such as voice search have been incorporated in major search engines, all with the aim of simplifying how users get answers to their questions. You can search without even typing a single letter. Another recent method of searching is visual search.

In a voice search, people search through a voice. When it comes to visual search, the search is done using an image. Let’s delve further into this topic to help you know how it works.

How Does Visual Search Work?

Most people confuse visual search with image search. However, these two are different. Image search is when you input a word into a search engine, and then the engine produces images related to the word. In this case, the search engine doesn’t recognize the images, only the structured data related to the images.


However, in visual search, the query is an image. You input the image into a search engine, the engine identifies specific objects in an image, and then produces images related to the query image. For example, if you have an image of a chair, you can search for images similar or related to that specific chair.

How Will Visual Search Impact SEO?

One way visual search will impact SEO is that images will be just as important as texts. Currently, SEO focuses mostly on texts in articles, website content, tags, keywords, etc.

Even with visual search, text will be one of the main indicators of image context and content in things such as image titles.

Another way visual search will affect SEO is that there will be a need for website owners to include images of better quality to handle competition. Even if a consumer is searching for a particular product, they will click on an image with excellent quality as compared to the one with poor quality. Also, attractive images will rank better because they get the most attention. You can Check This Out for more information.


Other image-related SEO techniques are image sitemap submissions, optimizing an image according to its file type and size, image badge setups, and running images through structured data tests.

Visual search will bring a new and better experience to search engine users. If you’re looking for a dress, you’ll just use an image to search, get a similar image, and buy it almost instantly. This way, your search will have been easier and more effective.