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Best Smoke Shops in Fort Lauderdale

Fort-Lauderdale is a home to over thirteen smoke shops, and most people often shop for vaporizers, bongs, and dab rigs. Besides, consumers often find hemp oil or butane and many more from the local stores. In this guide, we discuss the best smoke shops in Fort Lauderdale.

1. The Smoke House

Established in 2015, The House of Smoke contains all you need to enjoy a smoke. They have a wide selection of tobacco accessories and products. If you love a vaping life, then this is the place for you, they has a wide array of vapor products ranging from e-cigs, e-liquids and more vapor accessories to enhance your vaping experience. Additionally, The Smoke House is more than just a neighborhood source for quality products.


With different experts and good reputation, they can answer all your burning question regarding vaping. Also, they provide useful insights with regards to tobacco products. They are allocated in Victoria Park, inside the Gateway shopping center at Lauderdale. You can head there to enjoy some tobacco accessories as you expertise yourself.

2. Puff Puff Pass Smoke Shop

The PPP is a leading vendor in e-cigarettes, hookahs, glass pipes, and hookah tobacco. Besides, they also stock kratom, CBRD products, rolling papers and vaporizers. Additionally, the boost of the best customer service in the industry. If you are in Lauderdale, there is need to shop anywhere else, head onto the Puff Pus Pass shop and enjoy the tobacco products and accessories in the one of the best vapor shops.

3. Smokey New Shop

If you are looking for Smoke Shop | Hookahs, Vapes, Cigars, Vape Juice, Water Pipes in Fort Lauderdale, the look no further. Smokey news understands the wide range and needs of customers, thus they provide a vast inventory with high-quality and imported products. Besides, they pride themselves in providing quality hookahs and Water Pipe products.

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Additionally, their philosophy is based on customer satisfaction, besides they pride themselves in providing the best hookah experience for each client by offering innovative and newest products and accessories. Smokey News is located at the 17th street of Fort-Lauderdale.

4. Cigar Wrapper

Cigar Wrapper is one of the premium cigar stores in Lauderdale. They sell the finest e-cigarettes, cigars and other smoking accessories. Their products offer the best smoking experience ever. Located at north Federal Highway, Cigar Wrappers have been in existence since 1980. The cigar wrapper stock humidor and large variety of the best cigars. Besides, they also ship their products and accessories across the globe. Depending on your cigar needs, you can hop at their store order for tobacco products online and they will deliver them at your doorstep.

5. World of Smoke

The world of smoke and vape has been existence for 23 years. They offer both retail and wholesale accessories. In fact, they are the largest distributors of smoke and glass products in the state. Besides, they were the first shop to provide exquisite shopping experience from golden customer experience to high quality of unbeatable prices.

The World of smoke stock both hookah, e-cigs, glass and dry herb vaporizers among others.

Summing up

Lauderdale if one of the leading states in vaping. Whether you are looking for the finest water pipes or cigars, you will get it. Although most of the shops offer same products, meeting customer expectation and quality of the tobacco and vaping products is what differentiate them. Happy vaping!